Your community

It is clear that for some major incidents the emergency services may not be at the scene for a period of time, plus if it is a widespread incident then their resources may be stretched and not able to get to all communities as quickly as may be wished.

As a result communities are encouraged to have a local plan to help them support their own community during an emergency.

Communities could be based on Town or Parish geographic areas or smaller areas if it is felt it is needed due to a specific risk in the area.

More information can be found on the Government website : Community Resilience Information

In addition, local authorities across Thames Valley are working with their communities to prepare community emergency plans and have prepared templates and guidance to make local planning easy. Contact your local authority emergency planning or resilience team for more information about assistance and resources that might be available.

The key thing for any community plan is to make sure it is fit for your local needs. You can make it as generic as you like with annexes or as specific as your community requires. A question to help you challenge if it will work is ask the question 'What if?'