Be Prepared

Are you ready for emergencies?

Check out our new online booklet (PDF 1,566KB) which tests if you are ready and gives advice on what to do to prepare for emergencies.


If you would rather listen to the chapters please follow the links below:


Chapter 1: Introduction and About this booklet (mpeg3 1.5Mb)
Chapter 2: General Advice (mpeg3 1Mb)
Chapter 3: Get Ready Test (mpeg3 1Mb)
Chapter 4: Household Emergency Plans (mpeg3 891Kb)
Chapter 5: Emergency 'Grab Bag' (mpeg3 1.1Mb)
Chapter 6: Neighbours, Emergency Friends and Emergency Information (mpeg3 1.8Mb)
Chapter 7: Health Advice and Infectious Diseases (mpeg3 1.4Mb)
Chapter 8: Fire and Building Evacuation (mpeg3 1.2Mb)
Chapter 9: Severe Weather (mpeg3 2.8Mb)
Chapter 10: Flooding (mpeg3 2.2Mb)
Chapter 11: Loss of Power and Water (mpeg3 1.9Mb)
Chapter 12: Security Incident (mpeg3 1.5Mb)
Chapter 13: Emergency Contact List and Useful Information (mpeg3 1.8Mb)
Chapter 14: Preparing Your Household Emergency Plan (mpeg3 523Kb)

Are You Ready Booklet Cover