Business Continuity

Could your Business Survive a Serious Crisis?

  • More than 50% of companies, who have a Business Continuity Plan and are hit by disaster, remain in business!
  • Do you know and understand the major threats and risks to your business operations?
  • Do your preparations address the critical emergency functions of planning, mitigation, response and recovery?
  • Do you have a Business Continuity Plan, and is it integrated with normal business operations?
  • Have you audited and exercised your emergency preparedness?
  • Can you alert response teams in a crisis?
  • Could you deal with the media during a crisis?

Ask yourself a question...
Could your business safely handle a major crisis to its operations now?

What should you do next?

If you have been inspired to consider developing a Continuity Plan for your Business, start immediately. Write yourself a realistic plan based on the following Toolkit

Risk Assessment
Start by looking at the Thames Valley Community Risk register and consider any local risks associated with your Businesses geographic location.

Impact Analysis
Conduct an impact analysis to highlight the key areas that you need to focus on.

Minimise any impacts
Consider risk mitigation via the 4 x Ts.  Terminate, Treat, Transfer, Tolerate

  • Terminate - Can you terminate the Business activity?
  • Treat - Can you reduce the risk?
  • Transfer - Can you insure against the risk, or outsource that aspect of the Business?
  • Tolerate - Continue with the Business Activity and prepare a plan to minimise any
    impact to it.

Prepare a plan
Some blank Business Continuity Plan templates are listed below.

Train your staff
You plan is only as good as those staff that have been trained in its activation.  To ensure that your plan works well, ensure that your staff have been trained in its activation and use.

Test your plan
Testing your Business Continuity Plan is good practice.  Check phone numbers within the plan regularly as these change often.  Conduct at least one annual test on the highest risk areas of your Businesses to ensure that the plan is suitable.

What Business Continuity Preparations do members of the Local Resilience Forum make?
Each member of the local resilience forum has a Business Continuity Plan, and makes preparations based on Business Continuity Institute guidance.

Where can I obtain training in Business Continuity Management?
Many private companies offer Business Continuity Training packages.  Nationally, the Emergency Planning College offers a range of courses included Business Continuity modules.

Some Local Authority areas host free to join Business Continuity Forums.  Links to forums are listed below:

Berkshire Business Continuity Forum
Milton Keynes Business Resilience Forum


Business Continuity Institute
Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure
The Institute of Risk management
Emergency Planning College
The Emergency planning Society